Name : Devon Walshe

Age : 21

From : Vancouver, BC Canada

Location : Edinburgh, Scotland

Countries: 38

Continents: 5

Miles Travelled: Approximately 50 000

Cities: Around 42

Duration: 29 months

Favorite Country: Tibet

Favorite Food: Raw cured yak leg

Giant Buddha's: Too many

Most Dangerous Place: Afghanistan

Worst Food: Bangladesh

Best Transport: Singapore

Hottest Place: 50+ Celcius in Delhi

Coldest Place: -25 Celcius at Everest Base Camp
On the 22nd of March, 2003 I flew down to Panama to catch a berth on a 34 foot catamaran that was going to sail to Tahiti. The captain ended up to be a complete maniac and the passage took over double what it should have (42 days on the open ocean wasn't fun), but I had begun a trip that was going to take far longer and take me to a variety of places. The plan was generally to travel overland and sea around the world without taking a single flight. It started with almost 9 months bumming crew rides on other peoples yacths across the south pacific, filled with lots of maritime adventures and more rum than the sun. After a short interlude in Australia I sailed with a Mr. Beek up to south east asia, where the serious overland bit begun.

Most of what followed that seems to be a complete blur now, I was often travelling at such a pace I had little time to think about what I was doing the next day, let alone what had happened the day before. I do remember that there were repeated bouts of dysentry, a lot of haggling, a lot of time on the bus, and no shortage of laughs with the locals. You can read about it here. I took a lot of photographs, which can be perused here, and wrote updates ever little once and a while to keep everyone updated. After a manic rush to the UK to attend the 2004 Glastonbury festival and have spent a year at the University of Edinburgh at the UK. After sailing across the Atlantic to Panama in the summer of 2005, I'll have completed my goal and will be able to fly home to Vancouver.

©2005 Devon Walshe